If you have tried reducing cellulite without any results, then perhaps it is time to consider getting yourself an ionithermie cellulite reduction. The ionithermie treatment works by detoxifying the area by infusing herbal ingredients and minerals into the body through a body wrap. This is a popular means of cellulite reduction, especially for those who are not keen on surgery.

The ionithermie treatment starts by covering the body with gauze, in preparation for mineral treatment consisting of clay, algae, seaweed, kelp and herbal ingredients and extracts. All this helps increase blood circulation in important parts of the body while preparing for detoxification.

After this, the area to be treated is stimulated using a high energy electrical device using two forms of stimulation, Faradic and Galvanic. While Faradic stimulations concentrate on reaching the skin, muscle, periphereal root nerves and spinal root nerves, the Galvanic stimulations are used for healing wounds, edema and as a form of relief from certain painful disorders.

After this massage, the clay is removed and then some hand massage is carried out for further stimulation of the cells. This helps in increasing the breakdown of fatty tissue and in turn, removes toxins. The final result is neutralization of tissues and a reduction in cellulite. For best results, taking five ionithermie cellulite reduction treatments is suggested.

Benefits of Ionithermie Treatment

Ionithermie cellulite reduction not only helps in cellulite reduction, but is great for detoxifying the human system and in replenishing minerals in the body. Ionithermie treatments can also give a maximum of 8 inches of loss and an average of 4.5 inches, per treatment.

You will also find an improvement in the smoothness and consistency of your skin after a few repeated ionithermie treatments. An average session lasts about 30 minutes and the best place to have one is in a spa offering sophisticated treatments. One ionithermie treatment costs between $130 to $170; and you can usually get a discount if you book a few sessions at a time.

Side Effects of Ionithermie

There are a few side effects associated with ionithermie treatments like redness and sensitivity of the skin. As it is time consuming and costly, some people find this option a waste of time and money in their busy lives. However if the right diet and exercise plan is followed, you will be able to experience cellulite reduction through a few ionithermie treatments.

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