Cellulite Massager

Among the various treatment methods for reducing cellulite, cellulite massagers are perhaps among the most popular. These non-surgical, non-invasive home treatment systems allow individuals with cellulite to improve the appearance of skin, promote healthy circulation, and reduce the presence of unsightly cellulite, according to proponents.

What is a Cellulite Massager?

A cellulite massager is a device or machine that allows the user to self-massage areas of the body affected by cellulite. Cellulite massagers can be manual or electronic, though the electronic models certainly receive the most hype, perhaps due to the ease of use as mechanical or electronic components do most of the work for the user.

How Does a Cellulite Massager Work?

Theoretically, cellulite massage help reduce the presence of cellulite by softening cellulite pockets, allowing cellulite cells to break down. Cellulite massagers are also designed to improve circulation in cellulite affected regions of the body. Poor circulation is known to be a contributing factor to the development of cellulite.

Proper circulation is an essential component in healthy skin. The inability of blood to adequately nourish cellulite affected areas of the body only worsens the appearance of cellulite and the condition of skin cells. By improving circulation through cellulite massages the obvious visible presence of cellulite is diminished and some believe the amount of cellulite present in the body is actually decreased.

Some cellulite massager models depend entirely on massage as a means of improving skin condition and enhancing circulation. Others include electronic pulse technology in treatment methodology.

There are a number of anti cellulite massager models which are intended to be used with other anti cellulite products, like cellulite reduction creams, gels and lotions. The Loreal cellulite massager is a prime example of this style.

Do Anti Cellulite Massage Devices Really Work?

Reading cellulite massager review sites will give you some inclination of the popular models of cellulite massager machine and manual massage devices available. These kinds of reviews can also provide you with helpful information about the effectiveness of different cellulite massage devices and machines and can lead to more informed buying decisions as a result.

Most consumers do a simple web search using the terms "best cellulite massager" and are bombarded by consumer reviews and product testimonials. You should keep in mind that reviews can be real or a marketing venture on the part of the company or seller of particular cellulite massage devices. You should also remember that testimonials are strategically selected to promote a product and therefore only the most glowing and positive ones will be found on company websites and similar promotional sites online.

Popular Models of Anti Cellulite Massager

Among the most popular of the manual cellulite massager styles is the wooden cellulite massager. These devices are inexpensive and a traditional and more natural means of combating cellulite. Many consumers use anti cellulite lotions or similar topical treatments in combination with a wooden massager.

Of the cellulite massage machine models available there are several that are highly regarded by many consumers. These include the Loreal cellulite massager and the Verseo cellulite massager.

Every cellulite massager on the market has both positive and negative feedback from consumers. Of all the popular varieties available, the wooden manual massager and Verseo mechanical one are perhaps the most well regarded by the largest number of consumers. Verseo cellulite massager reviews are overwhelmingly positive in nature, though this could simply be an indicator that counter marketing strategies have not entirely been espoused yet by the company’s competitors.

Are There Any Problems with Cellulite Massagers?

There are virtually no safety or side effect warnings associated with cellulite massager devices, though they should certainly be used according to manufacturer guidelines to avoid any issues. The complaints which are to be found on the topic generally relate to the effectiveness of products rather than any potential side effects or negative health concerns.