Can you get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is a problem that affects people across the world, irrespective of weight, race and size, but mainly turns up in women. So widespread is the problem women and men around the world want to know what causes cellulite and the best cellulite removal treatments available.

Even the prestigious sect of celebrities is not exempt from cellulite. The pressure is on many of them to find a cure or treatment before the paparazzi makes them the next headline of negative press under the ever popular subjects of weight and beauty.

What causes cellulite?

There are many causes for cellulite; however heredity is a pre-dominant factor. Apart from heredity reasons, contributing factors to what causes cellulite can be alcohol, medication, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, bad diet and insufficient water, all can possibly contribute into the formation of cellulite in a person.

As cellulite is such a widespread problem, how to get rid of cellulite is a very common question. Scientists and researchers across the world are working at creating better cellulite removal techniques. Massage, over the counter creams, lotions and gels, body wraps, exercises and patches are the most common options for cellulite removal.

There are also surgical options for cellulite removal which could be considered. It is up to an individual and their doctor to decide on the best treatment option for their case of cellulite, depending on the extent of it, one’s financial budget and of course, the amount of time you have available for the treatments.

Cellulite treatment

There is no cellulite treatment that is considered to be the best cellulite removal treatment. It is with regular exercise, a good diet and avoiding alcohol, smoking, unnecessary medication and sufficient rest that cellulite is best controlled.

There are cellulite creams, cellulite exercises, cellulite massages, liposuction, cellulite patches and new treatments such as ionithermie and mesotherapy that may be worth trying out for removing cellulite. There are many cellulite removal options to available, all of which give different results in different people depending on the person’s body constitution, the extent of cellulite formation and other factors.

Cellulite cream is considered to be the best anti cellulite treatment for those on a budget and who have no time to go for doctor visits. There are various creams to choose from for massaging and rubbing on the body for effective cellulite removal. Although results are slower than and not as effective as most other cellulite removal options, many people prefer this option as it is a safer one. Some of the more popular cellulite creams include Cellulean, Nivea Goodbye Cellulite and Revitol Cellulite Cream.

Mesotherapy is one of the many cellulite solutions available today. It is carried out by injecting anti cellulite medication into the skin and fat of the problematic area. The needles used in this procedure are thin and short, and the procedure claims to give good results. You not only eliminate cellulite but also look thinner apparently. However for effective results, it is said you have to undergo 10 – 15 treatments. There are minor side effects of Mesotherapy though, which sideline its results.

Ionithermie is a popular treatment used for fighting cellulite with the help of a body wrap. There are no incisions involved in this procedure where you not only eliminate cellulite, but also manage to lose inches from your body while detoxifying at the same time. There are not many side effects to Ionithermie, however it is rather time consuming which makes it a factor to be considered while choosing your cellulite removal treatment.

With so many cellulite products available to beat cellulite formation, it is always better to be well informed about cellulite, cellulite removal procedures, its results and side effects before making the final decision for fighting cellulite.

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